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These all list this video as being in PAL format, which of course, isn't our cup of tea. There is a guy who will convert videos for, I believe $15.00 a running hour of tape. I can get his address for anyone if they like. It's a photography store near home, not some guy in his basement. He convert all the PAL vid's I buy. This is who I'm going to see about copying my copy of the '87 CT. I gave my PAL copy to Matthew Reeves of the list as I thought I'd not need it. Doh!

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I just got a 1988 CT video. So now I have '94 (ok), '97 (little boring, too much kayaking and Mtn. biking), '87 (best one yet), and '88. Pretty good, still can't hold a candle to '87 though. 1987 CT is kick-ass and the last year for the RR. '88 uses the D110. There is good footage at the beginning of the '88 vid. showing some of the trials selection in UK. And, strange, not one mention of the USA team in the '88 vid. Lots of footage of Don Floyd and Tom Collins in the '87 though. Wonder if we even sent a team in '88? Scooter



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