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Timken set 37. Available at any parts store for $10.


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Anyone know the specs on the rear axle bearings on a '92 County? I'm hoping
to be able to get new ones at the local bearing place. The work is being
done at a garage so I can't really have them pulled and then take the old
bearing in for a direct comparison while the truck sits on the hoist. Any
words of wisdom or experience would be greatly appreciated.

92 RR County

Information from www.rangerovers.net:

Both front and rear wheel bearings are Timken set #37
(available at local parts store for about $10 each).
This bearing set is made up of Timken #LM603049 and
LM603011. Land Rover-packaged Timkens are about $30
or so per hub.


=================hub seals=================================


I've heard this before concerning the RTC3511. If it's a RRC item, it
pre-dates any NAS Rangie. Great Basin Rovers recommends this seal, but they
note there is an issue with the seal. Does this just mean you need to make
sure you drive the seal all the way in?

Tech Tip: we recommend using RTC3511 hub seals even if you don't eliminate
the axle case seal. This is a double lip seal and a vast improvement over
the seal currently specified by Land Rover. When Land Rover added the axle
case seal they used a much less effective hub seal because the wheel bearing
now specified only requires wheel bearing grease for the bearings. Wheel
bearing grease is very easy to seal in because it doesn't go anywhere ie: it
doesn't flow. The problem is the current specified seal isn't very effective
at sealing things out such as water - hence the risk premature of wheel
bearing failure! When installing RTC3511 hub seals, recess them 3mm into the
hub or you will get a false reading on your wheel bearing preload.

Larry M.










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