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"Ali, Ashfaq" wrote: > > Larry said to find a tranny out of a young Disco to replace the one in the > RRC. Did LR use the ZF4HP22 tranny up until Disco II and if so, when was > that? Just curious as my tranny is gettting old too. > 

The 4HP22 was used until replaced by what I believe is called the 4HP22E, which is the electronic version of the same box, and is externally pretty well identical. They both fit in a RRC, but I guess you need to be an electronics engineer with DIY tendencies to use the 22E. (Ask me how I know all this!) ;>)

I'm fairly sure the change to electronic came with the Disco II. You can distinguish the two by the fact that the electronic has no kickdown cable, and a multiway electrical connector in the casing near the selector shaft. Hope that helps!

Regards, Franc.

The site is  and is a  source for help and assistance on the 3.9Efi.

There are some great articles on the magazine section, especially servicing the ZF 4 speed slush box.












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