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I haven't checked my email in a few days so I apologize if you know the
answer already. I bought my chain at for a
decent price. You'll need to drop the rear half of the BW to do this job.
This is the half that contains the guts so now is a good time to replace the
bearings and such. Use the "The Right Stuff" thick sealer to mate the two
halves back up. Be careful, the thing is a little awkward and weighs around
85 lbs. You'll need to disconnect the usual linkages and wires to drop it.

Good luck.


Good news on the chain. I would actually like to put the BW in our Disco that my wife drives. I like the "no brainer" the BW provides.

Let me know what you decide on the third members. If they only had 4.10s in them.......

I only have one quote for the 1.4 high range gear set. A little expensive, but I guess most breakers would have to "ruin" a unit to get me the gears. I'm looking at $350-430 US for the gear set, plus shipping from England. Same place gets $600 US for a rebuilt one with exchange ($800 outright).


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For what it's worth, you should be able to pick up a BW Tcase chain for around $150 from National Drivetrain. I bought mine from them three years ago for $136. P/N: HV049. I hope they still carry this part.

Regarding the compressor & lockers, I believe I can help you out in that arena too! I haven't decided what I want to do with my "spare" set of front/rear 10 spline third members complete with ARB lockers and an air compressor yet! I suppose any reasonable offers are welcomed. Shipping would be expensive though!




Maxidrive: Low range gears, locking diffs, greaseable cupholders







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