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June 2002-

My '92 needed new springs.  I wanted some lift, without going wacko on ride quality.  After too much web surfing and listserv notes... I decided on trying the LR HD springs.  Then, after more web surfing and emailing, I discovered that the front set of the factory HD spring set appears to be simply D90 rear springs.  Robert Cork told me he saw a pallet load of these at RoversDownSouth, and sure enough, I bought the 2 front springs for 22.50 each.  These springs are NEW TAKE-OFFS, probably on a vehicle for a few miles.

Hunting down the rears was harder. From other owners of these springs, the rear set are Pink/Red/Yellow, but I couldn't find this color coding on the spring info web pages.  We agreed that they are progressive rate springs, but that was as far as I could go.

I spoke with RN, and they said that the rear of that set was a NTC8572.  I could order these springs, but I couldn't find any info on them on the internet sites, either.  Mansfield sold me a set of the springs, which their site claimed them to be for a Discovery DSL. 

I ordered these springs on a gamble that the fronts and rears would match up and replicate the Land Rover Heavy Duty spring set for much less money than simply buying the set brand new.

I did all this, and installed them, all pictures are linked below, and so far I'm happy with ride quality.

Here are three vehicles with what I believe to be Genuine LR HD Springs:

Charles Bishop's '92

Robert Cork's RR

My 92 with the "assembled" set


March 2003-

Well, I've been riding these springs on midwestern roads for  a bunch of months now... and guess what... they're too stiff.  Yup, too much jarring around, hard "blams" over railroad tracks, and too much jousting with small road undulations.

I'm removing these springs and will buy a set of brand new OEM springs and run them, and see how I like them in my environment.  I'm sure that the HD springs would be fine in a no-snow environment where the roads to and from work and grocery are much better than here. The truck really does handle better with the HD springs, much less body roll, but the ride quality loss is not acceptable trade at this point. I will post the results of new OEM spring installation here.


My 92 had these springs installed, I assume they are original to the truck except for the right rear, as it appeared this spring had been replaced at some point :

LF: Blue-White 133 lb/in, 16.44", 7.55coils
RF: Blue 133 lb/in, 15.40", 7.18 coils
LR: Org? unsure
RR: Green 150 lb/in, 16.13", 7.63 coils

The RF spring has fewer coils more widely spaced than the LF spring
spring rate/height info


New Spring Results

Spring Installation Pictures

Land Rover HD Springs purchased by Robert Cork, 
Colors from Robert, spring ratings info from above link

RF Yellow/White  225 lb/in, 14.80", 8.00 coils (90 rear pass)
LF Red/Blue  225 lb/in, 15.30", 8.00 coils, (90 rear driver)
RR Pink/Red/Yellow ? rating, Progressive
LR Pink/Red/Yellow ? rating, Progressive

Rovers North indicated that the rear springs in the LR HD set is a NTC8572.
I ordered a set from Mansfield for $80 plus shipping. I took a chance that they are the correct rear springs without actually finding any color coding or specs on the 'net.  I went on PN alone, Mansfield's web site says the spring is from a Discovery DSL... 

Of course, I can't yet  find that part number on the internet sights for Rover spring ratings.

 Rovers Down South Web Site has D90 REAR springs for 22.50 each:

Yellow/White-225 lb/in see above
Red/Blue-225 lb/in see above

Blue/Green-175 lb/in, 15.19, 7.75 (90 Front Driver )
Yellow/Blue-175 lb/in, 14.69", 7.75 coils (90 Front Passenger)
Red?/Green-330 lb/in, 15.55, 8.00 coils, (110 Rear Passenger)

The LR HD for RR Front appear to be D90 Rears 
The LR HD for RR Rear appear to be ?????????? (NTC8572 via RN, no confirmation on this)

RoverTym Springs Suggestions:

Light Off-road and Cargo-
Front-225 lb/in
Rear- 285-320 lb/in progressive

Heavy Off-road and Cargo-
Front-225 lb/in
Rear-300-340 lb/in progressive


Assorted Links:

RoverTym Products

one man's stream of consciousness on his range rover springs...

Larry Michelon - Springs on a 1989 Range Rover

Range Rovers equipped with Land Rover HD dual rate springs:
Charles Bishop's 92

Robert Cork's RR

Tom Proctor wrote:

>Where is this data from? It does not match the LR data
>I have. Both RRC and D1 use 133lb. fronts. The D1 also
>has 210lb. progressive rate rear springs. Not 100% sure
>on the RRC LL rear spring, but I thought they were 180lb.

All the RR Classics sold in the US had the rear Load Leveler, the spring
rates for the NAS Range Rover Classics are below (I don't have the Disco

1987-1990 (pre sway bar) 133 lb./in. front and 127 to 180 lb./in. dual rate
in rear.

1991-1993 (with sway bars) have the same 133 lb/in. front springs but got
single rate (150 lb./in.) rear springs replace the dual rate rear springs.
The models without sway bars also got softer bushings installed in the front
trailing arms, and different shocks with softer damping characteristics.

1994-1995 All NAS Range Rovers had air springs.

Kevin Kelly
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