Spicer Ujoint  numbers

344 or 343. Best to take one with you to the parts counter to compare.
95 LWB
rvrbruce wrote:
> Does anyone know the Spicer equivalent #s for an 88 RR's u-joints


From D-90.com

Checking back through my archive of list correspondence (thanks James Pierce and Charles Morris), the consensus is:
"The front are Precision part no. 369, the factory part no. is RTC 4587 and they sell for $103.93 ea. at your local dealer. You can purchase 369s from any parts store, because they are used in many chev. applications, for around $9.00.

The rear are 344s, the factory part no. is RTC 3458 and sell for $74.44 ea. at the dealer. You can get these at the parts house for approx. $20.00."

Subject: RE: [D90] U-Joints

Front: Spicer 5-4X
Rear: Spicer 5-153X

Also, the rear heavy duty UJ from Precision is 280


i thought they were the same front & rear?!

i have two, each sourced from different places. I think they were both about

$35 each

GMB Corp (japanese) PN# 220-1100

Beck/Arnley (british) PN# 102-0490

each are identical to the other, and greasable


For RR '86 and later the U-joints are same front and rear, if you have

manual gearbox (LR part no RTC4587).

In case of automatic the front U-joints are same as older RR's use (LR part

no GUJ117).

Even LR has several other part numbers that fit, I know the following


RTC4587 - RTC3458 and TVC100010

GUJ117 - RTC3346

Antti Ahonen

Turku, Finland

Range Rover V8 (mod.) 1980

Range Rover V8 EFI 1990

LR Discovery Tdi 1993


 Napa (as well as most other auto

parts stores carry them). The Napa part number is wrong though. As I

recall their ;isting for a series Rover has the right part number. I think

it's also the same as for a Triumph TR6 too. Sorry, but I don't have it

here. Good luck.



Rear UJoint:

Thanks, I did find and replace it. Its a 344. Available just about

anywhere. thanks to everyone who chimed in and helped out.


Subject RE [RR] U Joint


It's a standard U-Joint and cost less than $20US, but I do not have the part

number. I removed the driveshaft (propshaft) and brought it to a local

driveline shop. They replace both U-Joints for about $70US.

I had tried to replace one on the RR myself the first time and screwed it

up. It's a bit more difficult than the ones on my Blazer. It's more cost

effective for me to bring the whole driveshaft to the shop.

Larry M.









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