Radiator-Range Rover


Subject: Re: [RR] Classic radiator To: rangie-l@bigyellowdesign.com

Try performance radiator. http://www.performanceradiator.com/start.htm

Just replaced mine with one from them for $380 US which included airfreight to Alaska. It was an exact fit, dropped in perfectly and has had the system running cooler than ever before over the last 6000 miles of my summer trip from Alaska to Florida. Lots of detours. I have certainly stressed the system with 5 days of running at 60 to 70 mph in moutains and deserts with temp up to 115 F. I even had some slow times, about 5 mph with a tailwind though construction areas with the A/C on. No problems.

I am extemely happy with this radiator.

Funny thing was the dealer quoted over $1000 installed and they would have gotten it from these guys. Damn rip off artists.






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