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Oil Filters

Mobil One oil filter, part number MI301.


Subject [rro] Mobil One Oil FIlter


Michael Azzariti <>

>I just installed a Mobil One oil filter, part number MI301. Thanks to

>who ever it was who published the interchange part numbers to the list.

>I do like it and if it works out I'll be using that one from now on. It

>is about twice as long as t he ones I've been getting and hold nearly a

>full quart of oil. I was pretty surprised to have to pour in so much oil

>to fill up the filter, but the extra capacity in the system is a good


As you have noticed, this family of oil filters is not a direct replacement

for the original, as it is about two inches longer with a far greater

capacity. It is also the most common oil filter on the planet, and is the

same one that I use for the spin-on adapter in my '72 Series III.

Other numbers include Fram PH-8A (though I don't use Fram 'cept to cross

over to something else), A/C PF-2, Purolator PER-1, Motorcraft FL293.

Purolator has just changed their numbering system and the one that I bought

two weeks ago was something like L3001....





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