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Here is a bit of the information that I have clipped and saved over the years. This shop/owner has been reported by many on several lists to be great!

>I also picked up new O2's from http://www.discountRovers.com, widely known as Nathan Crabtree's excellent little parts shop. He shipped 'em to me overnight for $16, sensors were plug-n-play for $89 each. Seattle LR wanted over $400each!

Excellent! I bought a pair of O2 sensors from Nathan recently, and They were the duplicate of the Rover part. Prompt service, too. He buys 'em direct from NTK Technical Ceramics (as does Rover). No need to cut'n'solder or crimp on the old connector as with the Nissan 'replacements'. Indeed, these 'gen-u-wine' sensors are actually less


Jonathan Stehn
 Kodiak, AK


To <rangie-l@bigyellowdesign.com>

Subject RE [RR] 89RR - EFI light & O2 sensors.

I did all the research on O2 sensors awhile back when I replaced my

exhaust w/ an NRP system. I anticipated replacing the existing sensors.

However, I was able to salvage them and they work fine in the new

system. The NTK seems to be the best bet though for replacement, as it

has the proper wire connector on the end of it and they're the much less

expensive than the OE part. It's NTK part number 25016. That's for an

'89. I'd check www.ngk.com and click on the NTK O2 sensor link for the

configurator for your specific year.


'89 Range Rover


Oxygen Sensor Replacements-

Here is the context from rro:
The O2 sensors are available stock items.
Standard NTK part number that can be looked up in their cross reference
for my 1992 3.9 litre Range Rover;
Part Number #25016 (Made in Japan)
Made by NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A), Inc.
It has the correct connector to plug directly into my 1992 3.9 litre
RRover. NO modifications required. $150 Canadian dollars all taxes in
and delivered to my door. That would put them at sub US$100. each
I installed both and they work great!

To: rro@koan.team.net
Subject: [rro] Replacement parts

>"Kevin Kelly" <kkelly6788@earthlink.net>

>I just put a new catalytic converter in to the Range Rover
>I ended up with a couple extra parts that I wanted to pass
>on to someone that can use them.
>I stuck them on eBay so they will go to the
>person that needs them not just the guy on line today.  I
>started the bidding at $0.10 (ten cents) and I'll pay for
>shipping (free shipping).

>Since the OEM Range Rover O2 sensors cost nearly $400 each
>at the dealer parts counter and are still well over $100
>from most aftermarker suppliers many people use Nissan O2
>sensors since they are half the price of the cheapest OEM
>sensors, BUT the Nissan O2 sensors don't have the correct
>plug to connect to the Range Rover electrical system.  I've
>got two OEM plugs that will allow you to connect Nissan O2
>sensors to a Range Rover

Here is a concurrent thread from the lro.list:
Isaac Fain <isaacfain@yahoo.com> wrote:

>I also picked up new O2's from discountRovers.com, widely known as Nathan
>Crabtree's excellent little parts shop.   He shipped 'em to me overnight for
>$16, sensors were plug-n-play for $89 each.  Seattle LR wanted over $400

Excellent!  I bought a pair of O2 sensors from Nathan recently, and they
were the duplicate of the Rover part.  Prompt service, too.  He buys 'em
direct from NTK Technical Ceramics (as does Rover).  No need to
cut'n'solder or crimp on the old connector as with the Nissan
'replacements'.  Indeed, these 'gen-u-wine' sensors are actually less
costly than the Nissan ones you have to fool with, as their prices
increased noit too long ago.

But this is what *really* bugs me about Rover.  Nathan sells these sensors
for <$95 (the four-wire, OBDII-type is a few bucks more than the three wire
sensor).  The local dealer charges $345 each.  Okay, like a bottle of wine
in a restaurant is marked up 100% over retail, but 263%  - at least??
That's usury....

Faure, Marin" <marin.faure@boeing.com> wrote:

>You CAN get generic sensors
>for considerably less, sometimes less than
>$100.  However, the Range Rover experts
>I've talked to, including the guys at Rovers
>North and Gordon Perrot in Seattle, all say
>that they've experienced frequent problems
>with the generic sensors.  The "Land Rover"
>sensors (I don't know who makes them)
>cost a lot more, but apparently are trouble-free
>for the duration of their life.

Ahhh...that's the beauty of what Nathan sells: the *exact* same unit that
Rover uses.  Same sensor, same wire length and same clip connector.  (The
driver's side upper is a bloody bear to disconnect....)  AFAIK, there are
only two kinds: a three wire used on pre-'96, OBD I vehicles, and the four
wire, heated titania sensor used on all OBD II vehicles since then - but
you need *four* of the bloody things.

BTW, Snap-On makes a 17mm deep well socket with a side cut-out that
facilitates removal and refitting of the sensors.



Subject: [rro] O2 sensors - lessons learned
To: "range rover list (E-mail)" <rro@koan.team.net>
Good evening Listers.  I offer the following hard knock lesson so that
others who follow will not suffer my expensive fate. 
A few months back the Check Engine light illuminated.  The EFI code on my
'90 County's LED read right O2 sensor.  Nathan was out of stock, so I
decided to try the Bosch Part #13021 as described on RangeRover.net. 
Plus, they were available at my local NAPA for $63 each.  Installation
required clipping off the plug of the Bosch and reusing the plug from the
old sensor.  Hooked it up, cleared the code, and all seemed well.  Well,
that is, for about 20 miles when the Check Engine light appeared again. 
Code showed left O2 sensor now.  OK, fine.  Same drill for the other side
and life was again grand.  For about 20 miles.  Then the Check Engine
light showed again and the fault code showed O2 sensor.  Couldn't be. 
Cleared it, 15 miles later, Check Engine light, etc.  The fault codes
alternated from left to right sensor.  Nathan got restocked, so I ordered
a pair of the OEM NTK's at $89 each and installed them.   At one point
the Check Engine light reappeared and I almost went through the sunroof. 
I cleared it, however, and it has not reappeared for a month or so.
Bottom line, the Bosch 13021 sensors did not work in my '90 County, at
least according to the EFI fault system.  The OEM NTK's from Nathan have
worked fine.  Plus Nathan is pretty cool.  My total costs per sensor as I
tried to save a buck, though far less than the dealer cost, now approach
those of the glossy catalog guys. 
Anyone looking for a pair of Bosch 13021 O2 sensors?  Hardly used,
Scott Churilla
Omaha, NE
'90 County
'89 Benz 560SEL
'60 MGA Roadster

Sept 2002

>I've heard "Nathan" mentioned before. Who is he?

Nathan Crabtree, purveyor of the *cheapest* OEM O2 sensors this side of the pond. He buys 'em a hundred at a time from NTK Technical Ceramics, the same supplier to Rover. Same terminals, etc., as Rovers. No fooling with splices as with using Nissan sensors (same sensor, different plug) or Bosch 'crossovers'. But these things deal with fractions of a volt, so a spurious splice will defeat your cost-cutting moves....

Pre-OBD II sensors are three wire, OBD-II are four wire, heated titania....

Last address I had for Nathan was boatbuggy@aol.com. he is now doing business under a catchy corporate name - which I have forgotten....


*----jeep may be famous, LAND-ROVER is legendary-----*

Allow me to remind anyone thinking of the inexpensive alternative O2 sensors instead of the OEM's of my unfortunate experience. I tried the Bosch #13021 (I think) as referenced on the RangeRover.net site when the Check Engine light came on and my LED readout indicated O2 sensors, first one then the other. They were $50 each and available locally. After less than 20 miles the light came back on after both sensors were replaced with the Bosch units. I reset the LED, checked connections and wiring, but still got the fault codes. I eventually got the OEM's from Nathan at Discount Rovers and haven't had a problem for many months. They were plug and play, while the Bosch required using the old connectors. Others must have had positive experiences with the Bosch and NGK units, but to do it over again, I'd just call Nathan.

For whatever it's worth. Have a great weekend all!

Scott Churilla Omaha, NE USA '90 County '89 Benz 560SEL '60 MGA Roadster












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