Land Rover OBD Palm scanner

> Please tell me more about this "palm OBD2 tool"

Here you go. <>

The one my friend has, is the [obd110-1.prc (253 kb) PalmOS software for CJ-II OBDII generic] version. This has and Autodetect (LR), Ford, GM, Chrysler, Asian and European modules built in. It's very nice, easy to use and carry.

There is a cable with a connector specific to your Palm/Visor model. There is also a little box that houses the connector to the OBD2 plug under the dash. Strange that they allow you to download the program for free, so maybe there is some key component in the plug box that enable the function. The system I used belongs to a friend, I'd really like to get one too, but I'll wait until borrowing his becomes to troublesome for one/both of us.

The nice thing about having the tool is that you can plug it in and drive around and monitor ANY function ties in to the OBD2 system - that is an amazing numebr of subsystems!

As far as the Palm goes, it's a lot more than an address book. You need to properly equip your Robert! Mine has become a simple, accessable version of my PC, backup e-mail capability (when the PC dies), several excellent GPS programs, a great little handheld database of LR-related info I may like to have handy on a trip, not to mention a technical reference tool for my job... All that on only 4mb...

Tom Proctor 96 Disco 67 IIa 109





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