ICM: Ignition Control Module-Range Rover

I don't know a lot about this thing, but I never want it to fail on me:

Ali remote mounted his ICM with a setup from a '95 Disco

TSB from LR on remote mounting

I remote mounted my ICM to the fender area by the coil.  I installed a new reluctor plate in the dizzy, and used the old reluctor wiring harness, and its blue "pass through" rubber wire insulator that passes through the dizzy side to route my new wires through.  I pulled out the old wires from it and pulled in my two new wires making for a super clean and water tight install. I also used the new blue connector from the new reluctor to plug into the remote ICM by soldering the extension wires onto it.  

To mount the ICM onto the fender I used a piece of aluminum stock that had a 90 degree bend in it, drilled a few holes and "thar she blows..."

Caveat: I remoted my ICM by extending the two reluctor wires that emanate from the dizzy side with new wire, to the new ICM location.  But what you don't know is that the +12v coil power is inserted into the loom between the dizzy and the coil somewhere inbetween.  After I got everything all wired and mounted, my truck wouldn't start.  I swore.  Then grabbed the manual to see what I screwed up.

I laughed when I put a VOM on the coil and found I had NO 12vdc anywhere... ha ha, I was trying to develop a Land Rover Perpetual Motion Machine, can you imagine anything more oxymoronic... :>)  I had to add the 12v feed at the coil and she started up and threw a ton of dust in the air.  Just remember to cap off the leads that used to go to the ICM from the coil, since one of those has your coil's 12v feed on it; short that one out and you go no where.









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