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Still looking but here are instructions from the list from 2001:

"....Those of you who removed this resistor from the front decker area,
email me...."

I was going to make a general post as I just did it this weekend. We can
talk more off-list if you like Ali, but here goes.

1- it's easier to do with the bonnet raised.
2- pry the right hand fresh air intake grille out of it's place. It's
easiest to pry upwards from the bottom at the center of the middle two (of
the four) segments.
3- remove the foam intake air filter.
4- remove pop rivets holding the filter's metal backing strip (I removed
only the RH rivet, it may be easier if you remove both).
5- remove one screw from each end of the resistor. A right-angle attachment
for a Phillips screwdriver is helpful here. I have a tool for adjusting my
motorcycle carbs that worked an absolute treat. But a stubby screwdriver or
a bit held in a ratchet might do nearly as well.
6- pry out the rubber grommet where the wire goes through the bulkhead.
7- go into the passenger compartment and remove the right-center defroster
8- look toward where you know the hole in the bulkhead to be and you'll see
a red plastic plug. reach a (small) hand in through the defroster vent hole
and disconnect the red plug.
9- Push the plug out through the bulkhead hole.

Basically reverse to refit. I added a bit of dielectric silicone to the
plug, but that's just on general principle, not required.

-Dave G.

Possible Part substitution:

The VW resistor I had used came from a 1984 Rabbit convertible. The same resistor was found on siroccos and rabbits that had the A/C installed on it. Hope this helps someone out there...

Dany 91 RR


Heater Resistor Specifications from an owner installing a brand new resistor:
Hi there,

If it is any help as I had the new resistor I stuck my multimeter across it,
the results were as follows:

between the red and brown wires there should be 0.5 ohms.

between the brown and blue 1.5 Ohms

between the red and blue 2 Ohms (the first two resistances added together.)

between the two black wires 2.5 Ohms.

My multimeter may be rounding a little so for those of you who like to wind
their own resistors the number of turns of wire were:

between red and brown 3 turns
between brown and blue 13 turns
between 2 black wires 19 turns

For clarities sake there is no connection on the resistor between the black
wires and the others.

hope this is helpful





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