Fuel filter fittings rusted on?  Can't remove them?  Fightin' mad?  There's relief in them thar hills...


1) AB sells a $52 fuel filter kit with all the parts you need, or:

2) Read on...


Fuel filter - the fuel line we use is 5/16" ID so be sure that any

filter that you end up with is set up for this hose size. You can use any

canister fuel filter as long as the barbed ends are suited for 5/16" ID





I did successfully replace my screw fitting type fuel filter on my 92 with a WIX 33482 filter. The fittings on my original filter were so rusted that I couldn't get the outlet one off at all, and after removing the inlet, I noticed the threads were buggered, anyway.

The WIX filter is originally for a 82-84 Corvette, so I'm sure I'm runnin' faster now. I almost beat a VW omnibus in a stoplight dragrace, where before, he always beat me handily.

Replacing the filter wasn't too big a deal once I knew that was the way I was gonna have to go. Use 5/16" EFI rubber hose (EFI hose has more fabric in it for handling sustained higher fuel pressures) and I also used the fancier, more expensive, but application specific, EFI hose clamps. THese clamps are not ribbed, and look like they provide better 360 degree clamping.

The biggest pain was cutting off the OEM crimps that hold the OEM rubber onto the OEM fuel lines. I used a dremel tool  with a cut off wheel, and carefully split the crimp, then just pried it off with a pliers and screwdriver. Be careful here, as grinding it off produces sparks, and it is a fuel line. I used wet towels around both open fuel lines to prevent vapours from igniting. I did not burn anything down this time.

Then its easy to just put it all back together, cutting the fuel line to make the filter fit over the hold down. My hold down was rusted gone, so I used some super big tie wraps to hold the filter in place. It works great if you don't look at it.

Keep in mind that AB sells a fuel filter kit with basically all this stuff you need, new rubber lines with the correct screw on fittings for the filter... for $52. I spent about $10 for everything thanks to Ali's tip on the filter.

so far, my setup does not leak. It'll probably start leaking on my upcoming trip.


"happily looking forward to the next problem which will bring me and my rover closer together"



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