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Steel replacement Fan:

Here are some pictures of the $30 replacement steel fan that fits on the RR viscous clutch.  This fan is 18" diam, where the OEM plastic fan is 16 7/8" diam., so my shroud would not fit.  Also, the steel fan is much louder than the plastic stock fan, especially at cold start.  But, as Ali will attest to, it pulls a LOT of air! 

Thanks to Michael Slade for finding this fan at his local autozone for cheap.  My personal opinion is that it is a great item to have as a spare or emergency part, maybe in the club's trailer for example, but I'll stick with the plastic fan and OEM shroud for quietness... unless we can find an electric that pulls as much air as the OEM plastic fan.

"You can buy from Autozone a metal replacement fan for $24.99. It bolts directly onto the back of the VC with no modifications.

Part no: Imperial Automotive Products 18 inch flex fan 220618"

Fan blade tips poke above radiator an inch or so... keep your fingers clear with engine running!


A new plastic fan gone bad in 3700 miles...

I replaced my plastic fan because it had developed cracks in it.  This picture was taken October 18, 2003, at 108,700 miles, about 4 months since installation.  You can see a very large crack has developed just below the fan blade at the top.  I labeled the fan blade when I installed it to remind me how long it would last.  I figured a few years or more... not less than four months!!

Note: this fan is the white plastic version, it is a different color from the yellowish plastic fan that my RR had on it when I bought it... I assume the yellowish fan is OEM, and the white is aftermarket.  This fan has an ALLMAKES sticker on it...which is also falling off.

The supplier replaced the defective part with no problems, obviously they don't control build quality.



OEM dual electric fans for AC-

To: the Coil-Sprung / Range Rover Owner Mailing List <> Subject: Re: [rro] Elec Fans on RR

There is a temp sender for the fans on the gooseneck from the intake manifold, just down stream of the thermostat. The ECU monitors from the sender on the side of the intake manifold. When operating temps get above a set point (200 F ?) the switch in the gooseneck closes and the aux fans turn on. If the ECU senses a manifold temp above a certain point (202F ?) it triggers a timing relay to run the fans for a certain time after the motor is turned off. This relay is mounted on the passenger foot well near the fuel pump relay and is triggered by the ECU connecting it to ground. So if you want to do it manually, wiring in a second switched ground wire would do the trick. Same for the fan relay thatm is triggered by the switch in the gooseneck.


Michael 95 LWB 97 H1

John Purnell wrote:

What do we know about controlling the OEM LR elec fans on the RR? They come on with AC, but also with over temp?

I notice mine on a few times even though I haven't had AC on, and the temp gauge is perfect. What additional sensor turns these guys on? Does the ECU control them directly or are they controlled simply by relay logic? Sometimes it seems that if I turn on the AC, they obviously come one, but I'll turn AC off, and they will stay on for awhile, or until I shut car off, and then restart... as if the ECU is controllign them with some kind of delay timers after seeing an AC call for cooling.


Hi All,

I was doing some research on radiator fan options, specifically for 86-93 Classics. I notice there is a generic spec 18" fan many people are using. Some have had trouble with clearance issues, and ground down the blades which isn't the best idea. I thought I might be able to better this or at least add to it and came up with the following.

I understand the stock fan is a clockwise rotation 16 7/8" nylon unit. I tried to get the spin-on fan-clutch specs. This is all I came up with and I am a little suspect since it lists the same pilot diameter and flange height of 32MM, which couldn't be. And there are no pitch specs.

So, I went on over to . Looks like their 5717 17" universal mount steel clutch fan might work. lists it as $32, and I bet most part stores could order it.

I was also checking out other options since I have never had the best luck with viscous clutches on my Scout. Flex-a-Lite sells a spin-on to standard fixed-fan converter 852 intended for Fords and some Chryslers. It has a 30MMx1.5 mounting stud. If this would work, it would open up a range of fan options and possibly assist in locating a viscous clutch alternative in the $40 range.

Among the options for fans if this is the case - Flex fan 1317 7blade quiet flex fan 1817 Or if one is worried about bending a flexfan while fording, there is always their generic fixed steel fan 1617 And other less enticing options.

Of course the reason for this diatribe was to surf for comments/suggestions/other info. Ideally someone would be able to verify the size of the mounting stud on the clutch hub, as I don't have a RR... yet.

Thanks, Colin






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