Range Rover Engine swapping, it's acceptable to most significant others...

The greater fuel flow requirement and different cam of the bigger
engines would probably require a different fuel map setup to maximise
running and emissions efficiency.
This could be eliminated by fitting a programmable digital 3rd party
system. (Haltech or Wolf).
The Haltech system on my 3.5L to 4.6L upgrade on my SD1 VDP cost approx
AU$1200. I was able to retain my original pump, injectors and regulator.
As well as dumping the troublesome OEM fuel ECU, I also got to lose the
restrictive flap type airflow meter and the injector ballast resistor
pack, all of which I had trouble with.
South Australia


Fitting a different fuel pressure regulator is a cheap way to deal with this issue.


You can use the same top end components on the 4.6L block. The hot-wire EFI's can account for increased air flow through the system better than the older flapper type. When I put the 4.6L in my '95 Disco, I used most of the bolt-ons. The things I didn't re-use (oil pan, valve covers, timing cover and bottom half of FI intake manifold) I did for convenience. I upgraded the ECU chip for better performance and mileage.

Tony V. Sawyer, CHG Hydrogeologist 

>My friend Eric replaced his 3.5 with a 4.6 and I believe he's running a 4.2 >ECU though I could be way off.

That's correct. Eric











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