Range Rover Electric Fan Install
by Paul Lagerstedt


Kenlowe Fan Install 
Craig, '87 RRC, Kalispell, Montana

When my fan grenaded on me about four years ago, I replaced it with a setup from Kenlowe. I had to order the parts from England, but I am happy with the end result. I think the final cost was about $200. 


3144: I am trying to show how part of the fan shroud survived, so I kept it in place for two reasons. One was to seal the fan better the other to have a place to mount the plastic overflow bottle. I actually had to glue part of the shroud back together and cut off some parts to fit around the fan.




3137: This shows both fans and the tie wraps used to attach the fans to the radiator. This is the part I was not happy with, but couldn't find a way to secure the fans otherwise. Because there are numerous mounting points, I don't think the fans are stressing the radiator fins. No problems so far.


3146 is the temperature sender inserted into the top rad hose. I think they sent a piece that helps round out the tube so the "wire" does not cause sealing problems (but my memory is a little fuzzy).


3148: This is the setting on the thermostat. This controls when the fan comes on and is locked down by the philips head screw you see on the left of the picture.







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