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Another source is Brembo rotors, from www.eliteauto.ca They have them on ebay for $115 /pair. Or you can contact the owner Raymond at 944t@accessv.com

fredd (Brembo user since +/-20 years)

I second that. I just did the DBA rotors and the Bendix Pads that Great Basin Recommends. Great Combo. Work well when cold, and Work even better when hot. They don't fade, look good, well made, stop well. Same price as the Atlantic British setup but the Pads are actually Cheaper. AND the pads work when cold, "unlike the AB setup from what I've heard, and experienced on my Audi using the same compound Pads that AB uses" Best of luck 

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> > Get the DBA disks from Great Basin Rovers. That's my next > purchase. > > -P >

Brake Lines:

Paragon Performance (Stainless Steel)

Brake rotors and Pads:

They're listed online at their site as UBP86680 & UBP86774

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> What were the part numbers?
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> I just returned from my friendly NAPA store with a smile on my face!
>  Front rotors for my '95 Classic: $14.73 each!
> Pads: $74.27 for the set.  The rotors are vented, exact size as stock
> units, and have a lifetime warranty against defects.   The pads (DON'T
> have new springs or clips) do have a lifetime warranty as well!  Rear
> rotors are only $35.00 each.
> Can anyone help me find a new set of lugnuts now.  A few of mine have
> rusted under the S/S cover.  NAPA didn't have 'em, I asked!
> John Breslin
> '95 Classic
> The Beautiful Commonwealth
> of Kentucky!








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