Range Rover-Brake Cooling

Kevin Kelly (excerpts) Jan. 11, 2003

As many long time list members may remember I "lost" my brakes twice in the 1989 Classic (combo of heat fade and boiled the water in the fluid both times) so I did a lot of research to find the best bang for the buck brake upgrade. I replaced the OEM front calipers and solid rotors with the newer bigger OEM calipers and Brembo vented front rotors.

I also made a cooling duct system for long drives with the boat. I used two Craftsman shop vac "gulper nozzles" and duct hose from Racer's Wholesale: http://www.racerpartswholesale.com/index.html The ducts would direct cool air from the vents in the front spoiler to the brakes.

The worst brake failure I ever had was not on the track or in a BMW, but towing a Mastercraft on a single axle trailer (with no trailer brakes) down from Lake Berryessa to Vacaville in the Range Rover (with the original solid front rotors). I had 6 month old Castrol DOT 4 fluid and newer (90%) pads.






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