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Subject [RR] Caliper seal failure.


Yesterday, about 60 miles from home, the right rear caliper blew the seals and caused a pretty severe brake loss situation. I could stop, but I was pumping my fluid out.

I was very pissed since it was abut 20F outside. I got to thinking about bleeding and it hit me...why not clap off the flexible line to the axle?

Luckily I have a few Vise-Grips in the 89RR and I clamped the line and got home. The pedal was very stiff, but worked well.

Now the bad part...

Does anybody have a suggestion for a supplier of caliper rebuild kits or rebuilt calipers? $180 to 200 is a bit rich for my budget.

I had read about rebuilds on the vehicle being done. Any tips? It's warming up. I'll have to work quick!

--------------------follow up -------------------------------------------------

I finished the job on New Years Day and it was pretty easy, although the 10F wind-chill and sleet made the job a bit harder. I had to rig a tarp betwixt the RR and my wife's 95 Taurus wagon. I have van ladder racks (from Weather Guard) on my RR, so the set up was easy. Weird looking, but sturdy (and $20 at a scrap yard .)

I finally bought the parts from DAP. They generally have the best prices (much lower than Roversnorth as a rule). I used a Brembo rotor that I bought locally in Buffalo from United Imports for $52. I bought the rest (pistons and seals) from DAP. I found that the metal retainers for the piston dust seals were a bitch to properly seat. Luckily the DAP kit was for the front caliper so I had an extra two retainers. I found that combination of clamps and gentle tapping with a screw driver worked fine. Folks were impressed.

The local Dealer parts dude gave me a paper drive hub seal and I used the permatex hylomar (for sentimental reasons). I use the Autozone lifetime Albany pads. Buy 'em once and that's it! (I. E. the pads are free each time after that!) With a RR that's a great deal.

Once the job is over, don't forget to check the rear pumpkin for oil loss.


Subject Re [RR] Caliper seal failure.

To rangie-l@bigyellowdesign.com

Is it just the seals that have gone that go round the the brake pistons? or

is it more terminal than that?

If just the piston seals, you could just buy a new set of pistons + seal

kits and fit them to the existing caliper.

My pistons were corroded on my defender. Bought a new set of pistons +

seals and popped them in in one day. Shouldn't cost that much. The seals

themselves were only a few pounds and the pistons about 15 per caliper.

cheers, don.


got to Roversnorth.com I am including the complete link


Check it out

Seals for the caliper between $0.90 and $16 and they have kits too for the

whole caliper.

C.B. Currier

(Now up 4 Rovers, 1 Disco & 3 RR's)

Best to consider replacing the hose that you had put a vice-grip on.

Clamping Rover brake lines in a "not recommended" shop procedure.

Understandably, this was an emergency, so you may wish to consider

purchasing a new hose at the same time as the pistons / seals.

Try contacting Duncan Mansfield at terrainmaster.com for the caliper

rebuild kits.



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