Range Rover Alarm and Remote Lock/Unlock System Info

In my 1992 Range Rover the factory LR OEM remote entry receiver is located under the coin tray in the dash, if you remove the foam rubber it will be there, held in place with velcro.  I cannot find any wiring info on this unit, I had to figure out a few wires  the hard way, but if anyone has it... please send, thanks. It is made in Japan, and has an "Alpine" chip inside.

I replaced the OEM unit with an aftermarket piece, and used the existing wiring for locks and and parking light flashing upon arm/disarm.  I haven't' yet bothered with the underhood horn, as I don't really want an alarm, just the remote entry.  In order to remove my LR OEM remote entry unit I had to cut two notches in the plastic dash ledge that the coin tray sits on.  Don't worry, the coin tray will hide the notches. My new alarm unit was much smaller and slipped in very easily.

I unplugged both connectors to the LR alarm unit and cut 5 wires from from the BIG plug (main harness):

Yellow/Orange=Door unlock 
Red/White=Door Lock
Brown/Purple=+12vdc hot 
Yellow=+12vdc from a relay that operates the parking lights for signaling alarm on/off

LED: I just hooked up the existing LED to the new alarm system, it worked fine.

Since I don't know what alarm system you have, I'll just tell you how to use the wires above, then you can integrate them into your own alarm/remote entry.  If you GROUND the Yellow/Org wire, the doors will UNLOCK.  If you GROUND the Red/Wht wire, the doors LOCK,  if you GROUND the Yellow wire, the parking lights will come ON, you will hear a relay click behind the dash in front of the passenger (NAS) seat. Your new alarm instructions may say something like "ground pulsed, or negative pulsed output".

Careful, if you ground the Brown/Purple, you'll blow a fuse (hopefully!), that one is the main hot feed from Joe Lucas, be gentle, there isn't a lot of excess wire to work with in there.  I pulled on the harness and got about an inch more, but I was scared about doing that, who knows what I've just screwed up and will short out on my way to Utah...

This install is very clean and slick because LR did all the wiring for you, it's all up there in the dash.  I haven't yet hunted down the underhood siren, but that wouldn't be hard, and there are still more wires there that went into the OEM unit.  I expect that when I play with those I'll find things like a door open/closed signal, maybe a dome light on/off output, the siren output, and maybe one of them is a starter interlock?  I'll start by checking them for voltage, then grounding them, and at the very last, applying 12v to them with a feed protected with a 1/2 amp fuse in case I screwed up on my previous tests. Check back in about five years, it's June 2003 now...

Again: If anyone has all these wires figured out, please send.  I don't see the unit in my ETM or Manual.


Bulldog Auto Alarms and remote starters:


Here is some info on how you could wire a generic alarm system or remote unlock into your RR.  This method doesn't utilize the LR remote receiver wiring, if equipped, but goes directly to the appropriate signal paths.  

Ali Ashfaq got this Bulldog schematic for his 1991 Range Rover:


Assorted Tidbits:

To: rro@koan.team.net Subject: Re: [rro] Remote control on pre 1992 RR's

Ali, John,

Thanks again Ali, John posted your diagram on his web site this morning and I immediately used it to successfully remotely activate my door locks. The only variation to your instructions (perhaps due to left hand right hand drive differences), is the location of "red/white=lock" "yellow orange=unlock" wires. The wires can be traced to the KIEKERT central control unit next to the steering column. The two wires are on the front row of the main Kiekert plug, one on the far left and one the far right. As shown on your instructions the trigger is a negative pulse for both lock and unlock.

I commenced by running the central locking unit voltage tests as recommended in most of the installations manuals available on the "Bulldog Site". So that I could first confirm that I was not going to sent a lethal voltage to the Kiekert unit. Once I was happy with the results, I connected the unlock circuit, which worked, then I added the lock connection.

Those that might wish to follow these instructions should perhaps wait for my advice on its resounding success after a week's usage.

Cheers and thanks once more!


  This wiring matrix was found by Chris McAuliffe, he wasn't sure where he found it, but it looks like good info for those of you without an ETM

Thanks to Chris...


1990-94 Land Rover  County   Security Information

Constant 12V+


Ignition Switch Harness 



Ignition Switch Harness 



Ignition Switch Harness 

Ignition 2


Ignition Switch Harness 



Ignition Switch Harness 




Brake Switch

White/Gray or Purple/Green 

Brake Switch 

Trunk Pin


Works with Dome Light 

Parking Lights


By Dimmer Switch Black Connector 

Head Lamp


Steering Column, Heavy Wire 

Door Trigger

Purple/Blue (-) 

Left A Pillar 16 Pin Connector 

Door Lock

Red (-) or Red/White (-) 

Door Lock Module left of Steering Column 

Door Unlock

Yellow/Orange (-) 


Horn Wire

Purple/Black (-) 

Steering Column 

Windows Up

LF=Gray/Blue, RF=Gray/Black, LR=Gray/Orange, RR=Gray/Brown 

Windows Down

LF=Gray-Pink, RF=Gray/Red LR=Gray/White RR=Gray 



Range Rover Radio Code Literature:

RR Code Card.jpg (295865 bytes)  Cover.jpg (292464 bytes)  RR Inside Cover.jpg (565293 bytes)


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