ABS Brake conversion-Range Rover

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Please send info and pix if you have converted a RR from ABS to non-ABS.  

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I am planning on doing the same thing on my 1990 RR. I have all of the parts at home for the swap so I can pull some part numbers off of the pieces I have if needed. I recently moved and they are in boxes still so it might be a few days until I get to them. I have had the parts for a while but other projects keep getting in my way and my ABS and Brake light are not on. 

My factory workshop manual has a detailed description of the non-ABS brakes used on the RR's. You want the latest type (as you have said from the 1991 Hunter). The 1989 non-ABS brakes will also work. They are set up for dual front feeds. That is what I have. I pulled all parts off of a wrecked 1989 RR. 

You'll need the master cylinder, brake booster, nipple for the vacuum on the plenum chamber, vacuum hose, spacer that goes under the brake booster, brake proportioning valve for rear brakes and hard lines. The fluid sensor on the master should have the same plug as your current wiring harness. I also got the steel brake lines from the donor vehicle since they had very few miles on them and looked excellent. I will replace the flexible lines during the swap.

Good luck on the swap,

Brad H.

Workshop manual, Range Rover, all petrol and diesel models 1990 to 1994. 
Group 70, brakes/brakes, page 6, brake line layout and components for non - ABS models. 
Needed parts from this page, besides servo and MC. 
#12 : two way connector, 
#13 : three way connector, 
#14 : pressure reducing valve.

Group 70, brakes/ABS, page 6, brake line layout and components for ABS models. Shows what lines can be re-used.


Page from manual

RRbrakes-02.jpg (140857 bytes)


1987 RR Brake diagrams from manual

1992 RR Brake diagrams from manual




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