Broken High-Neutral-Low shift bracket
1992 RR County, Borg Warner Xfer case

PN Cast on Part: FTC0623

Xfer Case-

To: <>
Subject: Re: [rro] was ZF auto now transfer case rebuild
The 1361 transfer case in the '89 through '95 classics was built by Borg Warner in Glamorgan in the UK. Very few folks in the rebuild business in the US even have a reference to it in their catalogs, and consequently parts here are rarer than rocking-horse poop. No-one in the UK seems prepared to send a "repair kit". They cite the need for the availability of various shims that are required to correctly adjust the center differential and get the chain sprockets to "track" correctly. Since only the 1361(right drop) and 4462 (left drop) in the Borg Warner range are "co-linear", that is, with the input and output shafts in a straight line, US experience must be limited.

In my opinion, I'd say your best bet is a rebuilt 'case, or, if you prefer to have a manually locking center diff, get an LT230 off a Discovery, along with the right-hand mounting bracket to make life easy...

1996 SE7




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