1992 a/d/s System Range Rover Stereo Speaker Info

Below are the factory rear 4 inch speakers mounted above rear hatch.

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The rear speaker grilles are made up of 2 grilles, the inner grille was glued to the speaker and you'll ruin the speaker taking the grille off the speaker unless you are very very careful.

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The original rear deck speakers next to some older Yamaha 4inch speakers I had "in stock" to replace the OEMs.

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Rear deck opening and wires

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To use the original grilles, and make everything flush mount, the speaker's mounts must be flat, mine were not, so you can see I can't make the speaker sit flat.  

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You can see both speaker grilles in the doors.  

Dimensions of the openings are: 
Tweeter opening in Sail Panel=2.125"
Middle= 4 5/8"  
Bottom Hole=4 3/8"  (Diagonal dist between mounting screws = 5 1/2")
The middle opening is actually larger than the lower opening, but there is more material around the mounting screws below, so you have room to enlarge the hole for a larger speaker.  

It appears that the middle speaker is a standard 4" speaker, and the lower opening would accept an industry standard 5 1/4" speaker if you enlarged the actual opening.  I took the grille to a stereo place and the mounting holes lined up exactly with a 5 1/4 ", I didn't do a depth measurement, but it sure seems like there is a lot of room in there, as long as your move the crossover network boards somewhere else, like above in the middle opening.


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