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Subject RE [RR] Lug size??


16mm w/ 1.5 pitch wheel stud

27mm or 1-1/16 lug wrench


Subject Re [RR] Lug size??

Actually this question came up somewhere else (lug nut size, not stud

size). I wanted an impact socket for mine so I took the lug nut to the

store - 27mm fit the best. I've been using it for a few years with no

problems, but others say it is too small to fit....

Anyway, i still need to know the size of the studs.


Woodstock, NY


Subject RE [RR] Lug size??

> Really??? I use 1 1/16" - I'm almost positive. Although at that size, 1

> 1/8" should also work.


> Subject RE [RR] Lug size??

> 1 1/8" are the nuts.

>> Subject [RR] Lug size??


> > Hi,

> Anyone know what size the wheel lugs are on a "small" bolt pattern

> Rangie or

> Disco II? Is it 14mm? Thanks.


> Jason

> Woodstock, NY


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