Electric Door Lock Actuator Replacements. 

Info provided by Kevin Kelly.  I purchased 3 units from Parts Express. I experimented with one actuator, and burned it up pretty quickly by leaving 12vdc voltage applied to the motor for about 6 seconds.  The actuators don't like to be stalled with voltage applied. I was surprised at how quickly I ruined it. They are stamped with 12V on the back cover.

John Purnell


Parts Express
1-800-338-0531 ( www.partsexpress.com ).  The Parts Express
generic actuators (part #330-010) 
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You can replace the rear tailgate (and rear door) lock

actuators with a generic part from Parts Express for only a
few dollars.  Below is an article I wrote for the Northern
California Rover Club newsletter.  I sent the article below
to the CSO list a while back and got a couple e-mails from
people thanking me for the info and telling me that the
actuators were now only $3.85!

Kevin Kelly
Low Cost Power Door Lock Actuators
Every Range Rover Classic shipped to North America since
1987 by RRNA and LRNA have had power door locks on all
doors.  Since 1989 all Range Rovers have also had a power
lock on the tailgate.  By now most Range Rover Classic
owners have probably had at least one of the power door lock
actuators go bad.
The Range Rover Classic parts manual lists four different
actuators for the 1987-1994 Range Rovers (the parts manual
says that the 1995 Range Rover Classic uses the same
actuators as the Disco SI).  All of the actuators cost over
$100 at a Land Rover dealer parts counter and most are also
over $100 even at mail order suppliers like British Pacific
or Atlantic British.
The 1987-1989 Range Rover has a combination
controller/actuator in the driver's door, and the 1990-1994
Range Rover has a combination controller/actuator in both
front doors.  Generic controller/actuators are not readily
available but all the other standard actuators can easily be
replaced with a low cost generic actuator from Parts Express
1-800-338-0531 ( www.partsexpress.com ).  The Parts Express
generic actuators (part #330-010) are under $7.00 each
(about twenty times cheaper than the factory Land Rover
The generic actuators are easy to install and even have
mounting holes in the same location as the Land Rover
factory actuators.  The only extra step when installing the
generic actuators is connecting the special plug from the
old actuator so it will plug in to the wiring harness.

Kevin Kelly

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