Range Rover Idle Air Control (stepper motor)-

AC Delco / Standard Electric "generic" replacement for Range Rover EFI Idle control. 

Substitute Part Numbers also available at  John Brabyn's  www.rangerovers.net website.

The new replacement part has a metal body and an additional spring that my "original" did not have. I don't know if my "original" part was in fact a Land Rover part.

After replacing the valve in my 1992 RR County, the EFI seemed to take a long time to "learn" the new valve.  I tried disconnecting the negative battery cable, idling, stopping, and restarting engine, and cruising at 45mph for a few minutes... the truck still wouldn't idle.  The next morning it seemed OK, and idle was controlled again. It turns out that this same scenario happens anytime I unhook the battery from the car... great.

I told the parts house AC-Delco PN# 25527077 and they returned a Standard Electric PN# AC1

Also, folks have used a Borg Warner #21738

This has also been reported:
Stepper motor from Car Quest : 76002 Is a Welch made part with the same number.


The valve is located in the upper air intake plenum, see pictures below:



valve1.JPG (99213 bytes) valve2.JPG (99566 bytes) valve3.JPG (67028 bytes)
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The ACDelco part 25527077 or 73312A is probably the most popular GM idle air motor.
It is used on all 4.3L V6, most 5.7L V8 (such as the G3500 from 92 thru 96)
It'll also cross to AC 17085051, 17086051 and  1717111288, amongst others, which were fitted to almost all 3.1L V6 from '90 - 95, '85 - '86 2.8L V6, as fitted to Cavalier and  Celebrity, '85 -'92 5.0L and 5.7L V8 Camaro, etc. etc.
Take your pick of the junk yard parts...
1996 SE7

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