Kevin Kelly Range Rover Mods

Catalytic Converter-

"These photos are of my old catalytic converter (that rattled) and my new (aftermarket) one including photos of the inside of the old cat after I cut it open."


New & Old Cat.jpg (79403 bytes)  New Cat Bottom  2.jpg (101669 bytes)    Old Cat & Saw.jpg (95672 bytes)  

Old Cat Cut.jpg (103393 bytes)  Old Cat Loose Stuff.jpg (89506 bytes)  

  I paid a little over $200 for a Canadian
made cat that was a direct bolt in replacement for my OEM
cat (and was even threaded
for the O2 sensor).  I got my cat from Mohamed at Rover City
(800-274-4830).  I have been buying from Mohamed since 1997,
he is a nice guy. 

  Mohamed said that he can get Asian made cats for under

$200, but he has had problems with fit and does not
recommend them.   Mohamed also sold me the OEM Lucas O2
sensors for $139 each. 


Kevin Kelly Range Rover Mods

"Below are some photo of my Range Rover with the big OEM tailgate tabs (that snap off) and my "upgrade" to the shorter tabs (that should not snap off again)."

Range Rover OEM Tabs.jpg (131979 bytes)  Tailgate with new tabs.jpg (217338 bytes)  New Small Tabs.jpg (222899 bytes)





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