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Cooper Tires The Michelin Man
Bridgestone Mastercraft Courser RLT
BF Goodrich Nokian Snow Tire
Goodyear Dunlop Tires-Radial Rover R/T

TireRack Price Comparisons$

Michelin 4x4XPC- 
205/80R16, rim 5-7", OD: 29.4"

235-70R16, rim 6-8", OD: 29.5"
Michelin 4x4Synchrone- 
205/80R16-rim 5-7", OD: 29.4"
235/70R16-rim 6-8", OD: 29.5"

BFGoodrich AllTerrain T/A ko- LT225-75R16, rim 6-7", OD: 29.4"
Courser Traction RLT 
LT225/75R16, rim 6-7", OD: 29.3" 
Dunlop Radial Rover R/T
LT215/85R16, Rim  6 5.5 - 7.0  30.5"
LT225/75R16, rim 6-7", OD: 29.3"

Robert Cork's RR with R/Ts

Radial Rover R/T's - 

BFGoodrich Trac Edge

While it is true the BF Goodrich is not marketing the Trac Edge anymore you can still get them. They go by the name 'Traction King' as a private label.  Any real tire shop should be able to get them I would think.

John Putnam, RROlist


Radial Rover R/T tires
215/85R16 size

Nokian Snow Tire

Dunlop Tire "Intro to Tires"

A '95 with LT265/75R16 BFG ATs (ECR)

1992 Range Rover, no lift, OEM springs/suspension

Tires: LT225-75R16 Bridgestone Dueler H/T with unknown mileage, cracks in sidewall but fair tread remaining.

rim: 6-7in, OD: 29.4", Tread Width: 6.6", LoadRange C, SpeedRating S

Opinion: poor in fresh snow, slides around, not good traction (comparing to my D90 with the Mud Terrains on it)
Quiet highway running, no issues with rain.

Super Swampers-

  They are 33x12.5x16 SSR's, from Super Swamper.  They are mounted on
stock D-90 rims.   There is more highway noise than the last set of tires,
265/75R16 BFG AT/ko (may keep these for longer road trips across the US),
but not to bad.  Lots of highway miles and you may not like them.  Makes a
world of difference off road though.  I can now drive slowly through places
that I needed momentum in the past.  Less wheel spin, less impact to the
trails I like and less shock to the vehicle going slowly over obstacles.
"As slow as possible, as Fast as necessary"... just became more possible  :)
         They are smooth enough on the highway that I got pulled over for
speeding within the fist 2 hours of driving on them  :(   Speedo is off a
bit more now that I thought.
         The Truxxis tires (also from super swamper) have less road noise,
and are nice and smooth on the road.  But 4,000 miles on a set in an Xterra
through up through Labrador last fall.  Don't have any pictures of them on a
rover at the moment though.  I'll grab some next event if Gary shows up.


Really, really, really, really oversized tires...


John, you may have already seen this, or even have the pic. But here's my
'87 RR with 255-85-16 Dunlop Radial Mud Terrain  tires.  I now have BFG
MT-KM in the same size, and I must add that it looks VERY "mean!"  (No
picture of them yet.)
Also, it seems that the BFG's are far more susceptible to handling problems,
as they feel "squirleyer" than the Dunlop's did.  I think the Dunlop's had a
sturdier sidewall, but not positive.
Modifications:  OME HD springs, and VERY slight trimming in the inner wheel
well of the rear, and folding over all the edges in all wheel wells.  The
folding of the lip will cause paint to crack and chip, so that's not the
ideal solution.  Also, notice where the back of the front tires came in
contact with the plastic sill piece, and also the rear part of the front
fender.  The rear tire also came in contact with the plastic sill piece.
This sized tire will NOT fit without moderate trimming or at least 1" or
more lift - over and above any OME spring lift.
Dave Brown - Gilbert, Arizona - '87 Range Rover "Chimera" 4.6L engine, Flow
& ported heads, Haltech EFI, Hedman Headers, Piper cam, K&N, Flowmaster, MSD
ignition, Mallory distributor, OME HD suspension, rear Lock Right, 33"
tires, etc... etc
It's never over in a Rover!
\__ - ____ - _|}
   (_)    (_)


John, here are a few shots of a Kuhomo MT, size 285/75/16 on stock RR 3-spokes. Truck has OME 2" lift and 1.75" trimmed off wheel wells (right up to where the crease is on a stock RR classic wheel well).
Scott Wickham

Jun06_31.jpg (101776 bytes)  lucyatfebmeeting.jpg (88291 bytes)  newrubber3.JPG (80691 bytes)  tread3.JPG (80574 bytes)

Robert Cork's RR with 215/85R16 Dunlop Radial Rover R/Ts

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