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CalVIN: Land Rover VIN indentification site  The Range Rover FAQ, alternate parts list too.

John Stehn's Land Rover Pages (Bearfoot Design)


Assorted Range Rover Links-

LLSteve's off road page, series info and 3.9L info too

Ron Becketts Rover Page

Dave Gomes, repair info for Series and Discovery

OnLine Manual Sources

Ali Ashfaq's Picture Gallery, some fun, some work... (British Car Technicals, Wiring, Info)

Team.Net Automotive Links, British Cars, Land Rover

Pirate4x4 Land Rover Forum

ECU items for Range Rovers John Stehn's rover page

Neil Brownlee-Disco site


Alternator rebuild, articulation, assorted ROVER pictures- Dave Read, South Australia

Andy Cunningham's P38a site

Off road parts-

Great Basin Rovers - double cardon Ujoints

Automotive High Current Electrical Supplies


Tech Tips-

Online Manuals-


AWD vs 4WD, a good technical article


Land Rover Pictures

D110 in Moab:

D110 in action:

Solihull in Moab:

Adam Check Big Tired Rover 3" Lift

Sean Arney "teamarney" RR, footwell filler, more

Land Rover Humor:

Range Rover Engine swaps and modifications-



British Car Parts:
Specialized British (They are in a suburb of Sacramento)
3664 Omec Circle
Rancho Cordova, CA  95742
UK Parts Suppiers: (The original Duncan Mansfield)


Chicago Land Rover Club

Arizona Land Rover Owners club




These links borrowed from

some are old/outdated...

  • Land Rover North America
  • Atlantic British,
  • Rovers North,
  • Roverland,
  • British Pacific.
  • EuroParts.
  • The Land Rover Exchange.
  • Land Rover Centre Huddersfield. Go to this UK site if you care about importing a Rover to the U.S.
  • Avon Landrover Specialists. Another UK dealer that exports LRs to the U.S.
  • David Bowyer's off road. Supplier of BRB and Superwinch. UK.
  • Rhino Gear. Manufacturers of Rover off-road accessories.
  • Safari Gard accessories for all Rovers. Heavy duty toys here!
  • Armada Off-Road
  • Bill Burke's "4-Wheeling America" Bill was on the '91 US CT team and guides off-road trips.
  • Safety Devices Land Rover Page. Manufacturers of roll cages etc.
  • LR Supermarkets. A UK mail-order catalog.

Clubs & FAQs

  • John Brabyn's exceptional Range Rover page
  • Rover Web.
  • Land Rover contents and FAQ page.
  • Land Rover FAQ from Ottawa Valley Land Rover club
  • Ottawa Valley Land Rovers club.
  • The Solihull Society. .
  • The Range Rover Registry. .
  • Southern California Land Rover Club.
  • Land Rover: Altas of LR sites on the net.  Or Bill Caloccia's web page.
  • "Top 10 signs you are a Rover owner."

Personal home page links

  • Dirk Tischer's page. Dirk has a AA yellow D-90.
  • Ben's Land Rover page.
  • Fergus Hammond's web site. Fergus has a BRG D-90.
  • Paul Shumway. Paul has a white RR named "Boss Hogg".
  • Ernie Young's page. Ernie has a '90RR County, "Meant to be Bent".

Stuff to buy

  • Go here to order "Land Rover World" magazine.
  • Land Rover Owner Int. Magazine.
  • Unofficial 101 page.
  • U.S. Gazeteer. Maps! No Rover content but a great page.
  • Xerox Map Viewer. Again, no Rover content but quick access to worldwide maps!.










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