Range Rover - Rovertym Winch Bumper




My bumper traveled from Virginia to Wisconsin on a luxurious bed of bubbles and multiple layers of thinly laminated wood.

Before picture: I had drilled the stock bumper like Swiss cheese and added all the lights I could steal, and a  CB whip antenna.

A friend's motorcycle jack worked wonders to hold the hundred plus pound piece of welded steel in place so a limp wristed son of a bitch like myself could get all the bolts in.

Hey, it didn't fall off!

Quick photo of the bumper, sans winch, but with the small spots on the little light bar.

More pix coming... I was late for a Tanqueray and Tonic with my wife...


Here are a few more pix of the Rovertym Winch Bumper, with a Warn 8000lb winch bolted and wired up...


















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