...collected musings on why any sane person would actually own a Range Rover...

At times like this I have almost constantly in my mind the following
contributed by an American poster to the Rovers North BBS.
There are other items in the thread, the context is fairly obvious, and can
be looked up, but this is the clincher.
I think it good, and whether you take a twist of lemon in your drink or not,
I think those of us fortunate enough can all identify with the message.
Re: Is a Range Rover worth the 60K+ price?
Posted by Old Guy on 01/17/2000 09:07:03 AM:
Is A RR worth it?
What are you looking for?
A vehicle designed from the ground up to go off road Yes
A vehicle that is mainly use to drive kids to soccer Probably Not
A vehicle that has a box frame and solid axles for ultimate strength yes
A monocoque car like structure no
A vehicle with English style and accoutrements which make you feel like
extending your commute to work Definitely
A throw-away that may keep its value based on percentage No
A vehicle you might hate to trade Yes
Look at the competition, see mom in her Merc. hurrying to drive the kids to
school. Does she have a smile on her face?
See the guy in his Grand C. jack rabbiting from the stop light so he can get
out of his car to get to work. Smile?
The young programmer in her Lexus, tailgating you so her commute is over.
Dose that finger represent a smile?
The guy in his Toyota looking at your RR. He knows he would love one, but
couldn't quite justify the expense.
Then there is you in your 4.6. Sitting in your leather lounge chair, good
jazz or opera cd surrounding you with sound, enjoying the wood and
uncluttered dash, maybe a good cigar, and if they only would let you're a
Bombay Martini (no olive, just a twist).
Do you really want to get to work?
Maybe that field would be nice to drive through just to extend the trip.
Can it get any better than this???
If that's vulgar and not your style go for the Suzuki!
How much depreciation can there be on a $12,000 dollar car?
- - David, Derbyshire, UK. '95RR2 - 2.5DT



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