Sliders-Range Rover

...ever see a donor vehicle?


Some pictures of the sliders I have on my 92RRC.  They do work, as the first time out after installing them I swiped some tree trunks on my passenger side, and as you can see, without the sliders, the damage would've been worse.

I sanded and painted the sills while I had them exposed. 


Below, you can see the mounting bolts that go into Rivnuts pressed into the lower part of the sill.  Blue line is rear ARB feed.  Tin foil on muffler was gotten from Bodgewerkz Inc during their "free sandwich with any order" special.

Ultimately, the sliders will require some reinforcement, as the current setup isn't strong enough to actually jack from or support the vehicle weight.  I can see a few pieces of angle iron, or L-iron, welded to the sliders, and rivnuts into the vertical part of the sill.








Previous vehicle- aka DONOR VEHICLE




The sliders as removed from the donor vehicle:





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