Range Rover Starters

I bought one from this guy: <<<  http://hometown.aol.com/martingf/RoverV8.html >>> and have been very happy with it.  If your in north America.  The bolts are Allen hex head and the hex size is 8 or 10 mm I think, it's quite easy to replace the starter with an Allen wrench socket.  The hardest part is fitting the new one up in there over the axle, this newer style is a different shape and it's a tight fit between the axle and oil pan but once it's in it is a very nice starter with a 4:1 gear reduction.  The reduction starter will turn the engine over even with a very weak battery, with a good battery it seems like the engine starts better since there is less draw and all the electronic boards are getting full power because there's less voltage drop.  The engine jumps to life in an instant.  He also has a lifetime warranty, it's a good starter!
95 RRC









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