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Martin's way of doing things:


Thanks to Craig Ross, professional re-headliner for this terse but sweet instructional:


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You have no choice but to replace the headliner.

It's a easy but you need to get the cloth from an automotive supply shop. Don't get the thick fuzzy stuff but the thin cloth like stuff. The thinner the better. It's a REAL easy job if you have any type of skills. I did mine in about 4 hours and it came out factory new.

You need to get the old headliner out first. That's actually a lot easier than you think.

FIRST. YOU MUST REMOVE THE SPARE TIRE. THERE IS NO GETTING AROUND THAT. The headliner will not clear the spare tire without damaging it. The headliner comes out the back of the truck. It's easy.

Remove all the handrails first. Phillips screwdriver here folks. No biggy.

Remove the rear light.

Remove the two rear buttons that hold up the rear. They are in the back on the left and right side. They are fuzzy.

Remove the sun visors with 3 Phillips screws each. DON'T remove the center clip for the visor. You need it to hold up the front for a bit.

This is the critical stuff here. CAREFULLY remove the trim ring for the sunroof if you have a sunroof. There are several kinds of trim rings so I will just tell you what I did.

The back of the headliner should be held up with the lip of the rear hatch roof area. so at this point the headliner should only be sagging at the sides a bit if any.

NOW get a buddy or a few boxes with a couple of towels on them to prop up the center just behind the sunroof. Like a jack inside. You don't have to do it, but it helps.

NOW unscrew the front light assembly with a coin. Remove it.

Undo the front sun visor clamp. The headliner will now drop down. If it doesn't, look around to what you missed or just give it a slight tug.

If you push the whole mess forward a bit, it should release it in the rear and drop completely now. Disconnect the rear speakers.

With the spare tire removed, you should be able to slide the whole thing out the back of the truck by yourself. I did this whole job myself.

Start by putting the thing on the ground of a clean workspace. Cloth up. Like a pan.

Working at one end, remove the old cloth by peeling away from the pan. You can get a bit rough, you aint reusing it, remember?

There is going to be a lot of brow/red/grey fuzzy stuff left on the pan. If you have a plastic corrugated pan, you cannot use any solvent. You can get away with some with a fiberglass pan, but not much. I just scraped it off with a old knife and my fingers.

Once it's all removed you can lay out the new cloth for size.


get 3 cans of automotive glue at an auto shop. 3m make some spray adhesive that's good. roll the cloth reverse in a roll foam out. Start at the back (I hope you removed the rear speakers but not the foam rings, right?) Remember, don't cut anything until your sure. Twice.

Spray the glue left to right, right to left as you unroll the cloth. You should be working at about 4 inches per 4 minutes. You need to spray the glue on and let it tack up for 2 minutes or so. You can get great results by just spraying the pan. make sure your hands are sterile clean here! DON'T TOUCH GLUE! PERIOD. It will NEVER come off you hands. Not for this job anyway. Use a glove on the can hand so the overspray doesn't hit your hand.

start pressing it down firmly from the center of the headliner outwards GO S-L-O-W-L-E-Y. make sure its stuck firm before moving outwards.

DON'T CUT ANYTHING YET. Cutting is the LAST part of this before installation.

do the whole thing and COVER the entire sunroof like it doesn't exist.

When the whole roof is covered and it looks good (I hope) let it dry a bit.

NOW, get the scissors out. Sharp ones like fiskars. Start at the edges. Cut and LEAVE about 1.5-2" all the way around. less in front is ok. DO not cut t he sunroof. its ok to do the lights but only leave an excess of about 1/2"-1" in those areas. Mark with a black sharpie marker all the areas you need to put screws in for grab rails and visor holes. This is a BIG timesaver as you wont be able to find them after the headliner is up. Don't forget the two holes in the rear for the fuzzy buttons.

NOW, Lets do the sunroof (I hope you did a good job with the speakers. You don't need to leave any extra there. The grills will cover the holes.

Get the scissors and poke a big hole in the DEAD MIDDLE of the sunroof. cutting in a square oval to follow the shape of the sunroof, cut around the sunroof BUT ABOUT 5" away from the end of the pan. The hole should be now about 1.5' across and 10" wide or so.

Install the headliner now. Reverse of removal.

After the last handle, light, visor and fuzzy button is in. We will finish the sunroof.

Cover the seats with a few towels and take your shoes off. Remove (if you want to) the lid of the storage box so you don't tear it off. They tear off all by themselves and you don't need to help it.

Spray some glue in an old cup. About an inch high. Don't get to stoned with the vapors. Get a small brush here.

Get the scissors and put them on the outside roof of the truck. Glue, brush and also get a single sided razor. It could come in handy.

You will need to trim a bit more of headliner off depending where to make a snug fit.

Stick your head thought the hole like a dog riding in the car.

Start on the corners first. Paint some glue on the metal lip where the old cloth was. Make sure you have a clean surface first. Corners only please.

CAREFULLY stretch the cloth over the corners like stretching a painters canvas over a frame. If you have small clips like those black triangle metal paper clips with the chrome handles, that would and could help you here.

Let the glue here dry for 20 minutes. Then do the sides. Make sure its a clean pull and it looks good.

After the whole thing is finished. Trim the cloth with the razor behind the lip and leave about 1/2" extra. Re-install the trim ring. You might need to use a mallet here. Make sure its a rubber one. You might not get it right the first time. It's ok to repeat until it looks good. DON'T trim the metal finish ring. It fit fine before? Right?

Install the front light if you haven't already.

The rest you can figure out.

Good luck, I'm late for work.

I hope this helped more than you as my friggen hands are tired. Spell check this yourself.

Craig Ross

1990 Classic "Sir Winston"

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