Range Rover - Brake Lines -preparing to convert to stainless steel extension lines

In order to get the right stainless steel brake lines from rovertym engineering, I had to tell them what ends my existing flexible lines had.  At first I had a hard time deciphering the "sex" of the line ends.  I had to really wire brush both ends to accurately determine.  Typically, a Range Rover would have two male-male flex lines at the rear as mine does.  Apparently, this is not written in stone at Land Rover, which is why you have to verify before ordering.


Flexible brake line as it attaches to the vehicle body and hard line from front of truck.  Brake lines are MALE. This is the setup above the diff, at the body.




Flex line as it attaches to the hard line on the differential.  Brake line is male, threading INTO the manifold.  This is physically bolted to the differential housing.









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