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Information regarding adding 4 polyair or similar air bags to each spring for temporary ground clearance in off road conditions.

Air compressor

Firestone Coil-Right Air Springs

Air Spring Kit for custom suspension-Firestone

Firestone Applications: Coil Rite Air Spring, RR 90-96, PN 6003, Kit# 4121 (This is a helper spring only, not a complete "air spring"

Complete Air suspension-AU company "Airbag Man"

Lowrider magazine article

Black Dog Air Valve manual control valve for EAS - motorcars ltd

Black Dog Air Valve manual control valve for EAS - Britishparts ltd

UK Air suspension supplier

Controllers, Electronics



Email listserv notes:

Hi John,

I have OME medium duty springs and shocks fitted to my Disco, however when fully loaded for the bush and towing a trailer with rooftop tent, water and fuel the back used to sag badly. I have now fitted Firestone Coilright air bags at the back and they have eliminated the rear sag and have improved the handling.

I am very happy with them and once back in town and deflated the ride is back to normal.

My 2c worth

Regards Greg

To: "'cso digest list'" <> Subject: [rro] EAS suspension

I'm happy to see all this talk about air suspension. There are more sites popping up with EAS products, mainly for the "low rider" industry. However, the concept is identical to our application. Couple of companies has their own ECU that controls the system using pressure or height sensor feedback. The concept of using height sensor is a good one provided we can find a better quality sensor. Or we can simply replace the OEM units with similar resistance valued aftermarket sensors that are less expensive. The big question I have is does anyone know how to calibrate the EAS computer w/o using the testbook? If this was possible then one could use any aftermarket height sensors. How about finding a linear potentiometer that can be installed along side the current shock absorbers?

Frankly, I like the use of a simple level gauge for determining if the vehicle is level. It's tempting simply to install one of "bubble center" level on top of the cubby box. This is found in most hardware stores. The task would be to simply keep the bubble in the center of the gauge!

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