Range Rover - Engine compartment venting


The idea is to fit a pair of louvers or vents at the cowl or rear of the hood to draw hot engine bay air out, and help engine run cooler and in a cooler space. Below are clips from rover listserv:

For many years I have used the rear ventilation grilles from the Volvo 240
station wagon, part #3522732, cost US$12.99 each.
They are very effective. Look on the D pillar right side, ventilation grille for tank and filler.


I also bought a pair of these Volvo vents for my RRC, sorry about pix, I took them at night in the garage.  Do yourself a favor, find some hardware that doesn't rust on the first mud hole you go through, then send me a set! Oh, I want black hardware, not stainless steel, thanks...



FWIW, these guys in the UK http://www.coollouvres.com
and many body shops and rod shops in the U.S. will louver the hood/bonnet.

try www.whitworths.com.au
search on 923338 or 92379, 92350, 92304, 92312, 92300,92302, 92387, 92361 they even have a 12 bilge blower which could be plumbed to extract air from under bonnet part 09001 Duct 142802 duct vent 92320

check out ... http://www.discoveryauto.com.au/accessories/accessories.htm
and click on "bonnet flute" (Oz version of hood) looks great, but i beleive they press it into the original "hood", so not much good if you live out of oz. ad oz

Renault vents on a mean Discovery...


There are some pic's of bulkhead vents here http://www.users.bigpond.com/gudgyz/rangie/modifications.htm


Sandberg Auto 800-448-5121 Midwestern recycler, focus on imports





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