Range Rover - Second Battery

How I stuffed a second Optima in the left front area.


The steering pump reservoir sits higher than I'd like, but the hood closes without a divot in top.  Mostly it is the hood insulation getting compressed on the top. If you look at the other pix, you'll see I just didn't have the room that everyone else seems to have for repositioning the reservoir.  I don't get it, why is mine a problem?  Possibly my reservoir is larger?  I just don't seem to have the room between the radiator hose and the air cleaner housing that others do. Logic says I'm missing something...  I have the yellow top as far over as possible, and still I needed to sit the reservoir OVER the corner of the battery, see below.

I've stuffed a boatload of crap on this side of the engine bay... I'd love to get rid of the ABS stuff, that sure would give me some working room.  I have the ARB compressor, a remoted ignition control module (on the aluminum L piece between coil and battery), the vac switch/pump along side the ARB compressor.

I used 4guage welding cable to connect the two batteries because I had a bunch of it laying around.  Ideally I'd like to enlarge the cable, especially when I hook up the winch. 






Vacuum Reservoir is  now on the passenger side of the firewall.














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