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From RRO List, February 2008:


Larry, if you think the injectors sre at fault, you can replace the ones on the truck with regular old Mustang 19 pound/hr injectors (yellow). The early 89-93 EFI and the  later 5.0 HO engine injectors work just dandy. I  have bought a few sets off ebay for about $20 for all 8. New o-rings are cheap from Jegs.com


Bill Adams

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Information relating to "Classic" Range Rover electronic fuel injection

Last update 21st june 2002

Download Zips
(23kb) A collection of newsgroup messages relating to LR efi.

(799kb) Peter the Finn's description of L-Jetronic fuel injection

(3.2Mb) A copy of a technical description of Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection

(105kb) A jpg fault finding chart for L-Jetronic fuel injection

(466kb) Mr Haslem's 88RR wireing diagrams

(2.2Mb) Testing the RR Classic Lucas14CUX efi set up

Or view the schematic and fault finding chart online NOW

Some information on ABS codes, most likely classic RR - abs fault codes -

OBDii scan codes for Landrover and Range Rover first information more detail would be good

Diagnostics from the Lucas 14CUX/Rover MEMs a bit of information about flashing lights

Andy Perry's schematic for the Lucas 4CU ECM, this is a bit rough but is a lot better than nothing: Andy has repaired a lot of these and can be reached via email at mybranehurts@yahoo.com. Beware there are 4 big .jpg picture files here each of about 200-250 kb, so it's going to take some time!

. Lucas 4CU schematic .


Andy Perry email to mybranehurts@yahoo.com

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